Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity



Our team is actively involved in research for the treatment of severe nose deformity to improve patient care and outcomes. See publications below.

In 2013 Mr Faris formed the Tissue Engineering group into Total Nasal Reconstruction with Professor Kevin Shakesheff at University of Nottingham, Dr Yen Choo, Jing Yang, Joel Segal and Laura Riaz.

We are working towards creating a tissue-engineered nose using a absorbable biomaterial framework and stem cells composite to reduce the number of surgeries required to rebuild a nose following nasal amputation (rhinectomy).

We initially use CT scans of the patient face prior to surgery to produce exact 3D images of the patient’s original nose.

We then produce a cartilage framework of the patients nose in an absorbable biomaterial and seed this framework with cartilage cells derived from the patient’s own stem cells. The framework allows the cartilage cells to adhere and produce a 3D structure exactly like that of the patient’s original nose.

This cartilage/ absorbable biomaterial framework composite can then be placed in the patient to reconstruct his or her’s entire nasal cartilage/bone framework, down to less than 1 mm accuracy.

We hope this technique can reduce the amount of surgeries and time required to reconstruct an entire nose. In addition as we can produce an exact replica of the patient’s original nose we hope it can also improve the final cosmetic result.

Meet the Team

Jing Yang

Jing Yang

Dr Jing Yang currently holds a Nottingham Research Fellowship in the school of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham. His independent research focuses on bioprinting and novel printable biomaterials that can orchestrate cell responses. In the last 5 years, Jing has published research results in Nature Biotechnology, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, PNAS, Biomaterials and Biofabrication amongst others. Jing is leading a research group comprising of three PhD students and a research fellow. Jing’s research has attracted international attention in the field of bioprinting; he has been invited to give talks in several national and international conferences. Jing and collaborators including facial plastic reconstructive surgeon Callum Faris are currently working on a project in which 3D printing is used to build scaffolds for nasal reconstruction.

Joel Segal




Laura Riaz

Laura Riaz

I am a dentist with a Master degree in stem cells and currently doing a PhD in personalized 3D printing for regenerative medicine. The main focus of my PhD is 3D printing for nose reconstruction by using biodegradable materials and stem cells. I use the CT scans of the patients to design the nose model with exactly the same shape that they had in the past, then I use the 3D printing technology to create the frameworks and seed them with stem cells. The framework gives the shape, structure and support to the cells while they grow and regenerate the cartilage tissue.

Selected Nose Reconstruction Publications From Our Group

ENT masterclasses

ENT masterclasses - Complex Nasal Reconstruction (In press 2016)
G Pilgrim, E Prisman, C Faris

Our graded approach to the correction of complex nose deformity, from complex minor reconstruction to complex major - subtotal nasal reconstruction

Reconstruction of nasal tip and columella

Reconstruction of nasal tip and columella.
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Reviewing our techniques of nose reconstruction of the tip and columella, the most difficult areas to reconstruct on the nose.

Facial Plastic Surgery

The midline central artery forehead flap: a valid alternative to supratrochlear-based forehead flaps.
Faris C, van der Eerden P, Vuyk H. JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery January 2015

Our experience in the correction of 300 cases of complex nose deformity and the development and results of a new type of skin flap to reconstruct the nose.

Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery, plastic and reconstructive –Harvard’s definitive textbook on Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery 2014

Comprehensive chapter on scar revision with a focus on scar revision of the nose.

Encyclopedia of Otolaryngology

Encyclopedia of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Springer 2012
Faris C, Vuyk H. 

Chapter on Nasal Reconstruction in the most comprehensive textbook on ENT surgery in print to date.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty with batten and spreader grafts for correction of internal nasal valve incompetence.
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Key functional aspects of rhinoplasty surgery - how to maintain good airflow in the nose during rhinoplasty surgery

Case Reports in Otolaryngology

Rapid treatment of rhinophyma with powered microdebrider.
Faris C, Manjaly JG, Ismail-Koch H, Caldera S. Case Reports in Otolaryngology 2013

A new technique to correct massive rhinophyma

Dermatologic Surgery

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A new technique to reconstruct the nose

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A step by step surgical approach to correct a deviated nose


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New technique with results to close a large septal perforation

Butterfly Graft

The "butterfly graft" as a treatment for internal nasal valve incompetence.
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Experience in reconstructing the middle portion of the nose to improve breathing

Nasal Valve Surgery

Nasal valve surgery; our experience with the valve suspension technique.
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Experience in reconstructing the middle portion of the nose to improve breathing