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Why Is The Nose Deformity So Debilitating?

Why Is The Nose Deformity So Debilitating?

Functional Concerns

Nasal obstruction can cause significant reduction in quality of life. It can cause difficulty with exercising, reduced quality of sleep and daytime fatigue. Not being able to breathe properly can affect your productivity and many aspects of your life.

Appearance Related Concerns

We all know that the nose is fundamental to the individual’s appearance but why is this? What makes small changes in the nose result in dramatic changes to a persons’ overall facial appearance.

They are several reasons for this but a very important one is that we focus on the central face for facial recognition. We regularly discard much of the face when we try to recognize someone. So it follows that small changes in these key areas effect how we recognize someone.

A study, which perform ‘Heat Maps’ of how people visually scanned and recognized human faces. It showed what areas of the face we look at to recognize someone. It is fascinating that the eye mainly tracts the central face. It is understandable that nose deformity can be debilitating for some patient's identity.