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The Marriage Of Rhinology, Rhinoplasty And Nose Reconstruction

The Marriage Of Rhinology, Rhinoplasty And Nose Reconstruction

Complex nose reconstruction is tremendously challenging and arguably the most difficult of all the Facial Plastic Reconstructive Disciplines. It requires a blend of skills from various areas.

Functional Rhinoplasty – To understand how the nose functions and to be able to give you a functioning airway with your reconstruction

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – To understand the aesthetic appearance of the nose and to be able to give you an aesthetically pleasing nose with your reconstruction

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty – To be facile in using rib and ear cartilage to completely reconstruct your nose cartilage framework

Skin Cancer Surgery – To be comfortable in the use of skin flaps to reconstruct the nose

Rhinology (the study of the sinuses and diseases of the nose) – To diagnose and address any sinus or nasal pathology

Microvascular facial reconstructive surgery – Free tissue transfer is an integral part of any major nose reconstruction.

Expertise in each area complements the other. In order to achieve the best outcomes for our patients we have focused our specialists practice on Nose Reconstructive Surgery, this challenging but hugely rewarding field.

Complex nose reconstruction