Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity

Types of Nose Reconstruction

Types of Nose Reconstruction

The Nose Reconstruction Clinic

We aim to offer a comprehensive service for all types of nose deformity with a special focus on complex (nasal) nose reconstruction for severe nose deformity. Patients with severe nose deformities due to nose cancer (skin cancer or sinus cancer), vasculitis, congenital deformity, previous failed surgery or trauma.

Our aim is to provide access to specialist treatment for individuals with severe nose deformity. We are happy to provide second opinions, and review patients following previous nose reconstructive surgeries or nose surgery/rhinoplasty that have had outcomes where the nose deformity and breathing difficulties persist or have deteriorated.

If you are interested in exploring if a surgical solution is possible with our team, make an appointment with us (see contacts page).

We see patients with:

Nose Reconstruction: 

  • Patients unable to breathe or suffering scarring and persistent deformity after previous nose reconstruction/surgery
  • Nose reconstruction following severe (nasal) nose trauma
  • Septal perforation (hole) of the septum
  • Nose reconstruction following nose cancer (skin cancer or sinus cancer)
  • Nose reconstruction, following cocaine nose damage 
  • Nose reconstruction following (nasal) nose collapse from vasculitis such as Wegener’s (Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA) or other rheumatological conditions
  • Nose reconstruction following traumatic partial amputation
  • Patients unable to breathe or suffering scarring and persistent deformity after previous rhinoplasty surgery
  • Nose reconstruction following partial surgical amputation (partial rhinectomy) for cancer surgery