Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity

Moderate (Nasal) Nose Reconstruction

Moderate (Nasal) Nose Reconstruction

These are defects where there is loss of skin, cartilage or bone of the nose and also the inner lining of the nose.

All three layers of the nose are required to be reconstructed and this usually will require an additional stage, 3-4 stages in total each 3 weeks apart.

As before, the skin and cartilage of the nose are repaired with tissue from the forehead and cartilage from the ear or ribs.

Good outcomes from these surgeries should be expected.

Moderate Nose Reconstruction

Courtesy of Dr Faris

Loss of skin of the cheek and nose, inner lining of nose and cartilage framework.

Reconstructing separately the skin of the nose, nose lining, cartilage framework and cheek – leads to an acceptable result.


Loss of half of the nose

Courtesy of Dr Faris

Loss of half of the nose, result from reconstruction following 4 stage nose reconstruction - normal nasal breathing, no nostril narrowing or retraction.