Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity

Minor (Nasal) Nose Reconstruction

Minor (Nasal) Nose Reconstruction

These are defects where there is only loss of skin and cartilage or bone of the nose.

The inner lining of the nose remains intact. These defects can be reliably repaired with tissue from the forehead and cartilage from the ear or ribs.

The management of these defects will require 2 stages of surgery; each 3 weeks apart, sometimes 3 surgeries are required.

Good outcomes from these surgeries should be expected.

Composite graft 

Small defects can be repaired with a free composite graft with high success rates in one operation.

Skin and cartilage defect of half of the nasal tip

Skin and cartilage defect of half of the nasal tip. Reconstructed with a 3 stage forehead flap results in a symmetrical nose with normal nasal breathing, no nostril narrowing or retraction.