Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity



All patients will be seen and have a full Rhinological examination, examining the external aspects of the nose and in addition all the internal aspects of the nose with an endoscope. Patients will also have a general Head and Neck examination if they have had previous cancer.

As ENT Head and Neck – Rhinology – Facial Plastic Reconstructive Consultant Specialists we are well placed to assess and treat your nose condition.

Some patients will be asked to complete questionnaires. We have a standardised protocol of questionnaires for complex nose reconstructive patients to complete.

All patients will have photographs taken, including a minimum of 6 views.

Some patients will require a CT scan to allow 3-D modelling of defects to help with surgical planning.

Some patients requiring more complex reconstructions may be reviewed by a psychologist prior to surgery.

Some patients will require two outpatients session prior to surgery.