Specialists for the treatment and correction of nose deformity

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are trained in reconstruction of the entire face (nose, upper and lower jaws, throat, ears and eyelids) however our focus is on nose reconstruction due to its complexity.

Our training, current practice, experience and research enables us to be subspecialists in nose reconstruction and to offer you the most up to date and cutting edge solutions.

We aim to offer a comprehensive service for all types of nose reconstruction from simple to complex. The focus of our clinic is however to address the most severe nose deformities.

We have available to us some of the latest techniques including 3D CT reconstruction and image manipulation software to help improve our surgical outcomes.

We are passionate about nasal reconstruction and we try to improve our practice and our patient’s experience and our outcomes. An audit of consecutive complex nasal reconstructions performed by Mr. Faris over a several month period showed:

  • 100% were happy with the nasal appearance after nose reconstruction surgery (90% highly satisfied, 10% satisfied)
  • 100% of patients reporting that they would recommend Mr Faris to friends and family for correction of nose deformity
  • 100% reporting that they felt that they were given adequate information regarding their nose reconstruction surgery
  • 100% of patients reporting that they felt very supported during the surgical process
  • 100% of patients reporting that they were given adequate access to see Mr Faris

The Clinic has an active research programme, ensuring that patients have access to the latest advances in the surgical correction of (nasal) nose deformity.